Your weapon of choince against the bad cholesterol

Have you ever wondered about the fat levels in your body? I’ll take that as a yes.The first thing that you should note is that are two kinds of cholesterol, among which only one is bad for you. The LDL cholesterol, commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”, is the disease causing substance in your blood that you are up against.Now let me just give you a short advice on how you should fight this risk factor: drink grapefruit juice.

What’s so special about grapefruit is that its single fruit contains 7.5 grams of a substance called pectin. Now, even though this substance can be found in many other fruits, the pectin from grapefruit has been proven to do the best job with the LDL-C levels alleviation.Your weapon of choince against the bad cholesterol

You should also take the celery because of its high levels of NBP (or, if you prefer, butylphthalide), that are also great for fighting bad cholesterol.
An everyday energy boost coming from these two combined, is sure to make a difference, contribute to a weight loss, and secure a valuable place within your diet & programs. And how to combine them? Here is one great and simple recipe for a juice you can have before lunch:

You take 2 stalks of celery and a grapefruit, together with some lemon (one quarter or so), three ginger wheels and a bunch of parsley, and mix it in a blender, until it merges into a dense juice.

You will surely like the taste, and, once you have tried it, you can make it your daily ritual, and make sure that the bad cholesterol is permanently fought down.

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