vitamin bombs for enhanced immunity

Vitamins play important roles in various body functions. We have fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Some roles that vitamins play in the body include metabolism, nerve functions, red blood cell formation, energy metabolism, and in maintaining healthy body tissues. In overall, vitamins help to strengthen immune system and maintain a healthy state of the body.

A body that is deficient in vitamins is susceptible to various diseases, owing to a compromised immunity. We have naturally occurring vitamins and synthetically produced vitamins. Natural Vitamins come from plant material containing the vitamin. On the hand, synthetic vitamins are artificial vitamins which are made to mimic the naturally occurring vitamins.

Natural vitamins are the best bet to strengthen immune system. Most of the synthetic vitamins lack co-factors and transporters, which are found in naturally occurring vitamins. With the deficiency in transporters and co-factors, the body doesn’t recognize them. Also, the synthetic vitamins lack trace mineral and rely on the body’s reserves for these minerals.

Let’s take a Look at how to prepare two Natural Vitamin Bombs, for the best immunity for the whole family.vitamin bombs for enhanced immunity


-100g of Almonds
-100g of Raisins
-100g of dried plums
-100g of nuts
-100g of dried Apricots
-Rind of 2 Lemons
-250-300g of honey


-Using a mortar and a pestle grind: Lemon peel, raisins, walnuts, and Almonds
-Into the mixture, add lemon juice, prunes, and dried apricots in that order.
-Lastly, add honey and swirl the mixture. Let the resulting mixture stand for 2-3 days

1 Teaspoon/day for children aged 3Yrs and above.

Store the jar containing the mixture in a refrigerator.


-200g of Nuts
-200g of Apricots
-200g of Figs
-200g of dried Plums
-1 lemon
-250g of honey
-50ml of brandy

-Grind the lemon and dried fruits together using mortar and pestle
-Add the brandy and honey and stir
-Keep the jar in a refrigerator

1 Tablespoon before meals

Natural Vitamin Bombs have no side effects and are easy to prepare.

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