The use of Medicinal herbs

Before the advancement of technology, healing with herbs was the most common practice for medical attention. Every nation, and each community had its own culture and herbs for almost all diseases and better still they had traditional doctors who were experts and knowledgeable about the herbs. This process of treating disorders and diseases with medicinal herbs is called Phytotherapy.

Today, we notice a great number of people who use these herbs; some did not let go off these traditions for they know of the great benefits while the greater majority has discovered the medicinal benefits of herbs and are moving towards this practice.The use of Medicinal herbs

Technology is also moving towards medicinal plants by manufacturing drugs and medicines from the herbs. It is estimated that the word uses 20, 000 medicinal plants and in the manufacture of modern medication, about 200 different species of herbs have been recognised and used.

The medicinal plants are easily accessible. They grow in almost all places, you simply have to collect them form where they grow taking into account the nature of the environment they grow in. It is preferable that you get the most uncontaminated herbs; those that grow in unpolluted soils away from swamps and industrial waste drainage, roads and factories.

The herbs are grouped according to the potential of the plant in Phytotherapy. Some are excellent in treatment of health issues relating to the heart and circulatory system, others on the nervous system relieving pain and stress,others improve the digestive system, and others treat cough and cold while others are great at healing wounds. However, great precaution is to be taken when treating with herbs, they are highly toxic and could cause great harm when used in high amounts.

Medical herbs, when well used can cure almost all diseases; they are also recommended for being natural hence less chemicals are induced in the human body.

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