Two Diets that will Ensure Fast Weight Loss

In a fast paced world, don’t you want a diet that works really fast? If you have an event coming up soon, or you are just over diets that take too long to show results, here are two diets that are made for you. These two diets are set to change the way you lose weight.

The diets are; the Estonian Diet and the Banana Diet. Each diet takes less than a week and you could see a weight loss of up to 9 pounds in that week. Keep in mind that for a healthy lifestyle you should maintain a calorie intake of 2000 to 2500 calories a day and partake in at least 60 minutes of exercise a week. Weight loss that is too fast could affect your health, these diets have been made to support fast weight loss in a pinch, but not to be used for long periods at a time. Find instructions for the diet below:Two Diets that will Ensure Fast Weight Loss

The Banana Diet

This diet’s duration is three days, do not commence with the diet for longer than three days at a time. You can lose up to 6 pounds after these three days.

Each day you must consume three medium sized bananas and one cup of milk.

The bananas provide potassium and other excellent benefits and the milk contains calcium. Although both of these contain their own vitamins, they do not meet all of your daily recommended vitamins and minerals so it is suggested that you take a multivitamin while you are on this diet.

The Estonian Diet

Day one

You must consume two boiled eggs for breakfast, two boiled eggs for lunch and two boiled eggs for dinner.

Day two

You must consume 500 grams of low-fat cheese

Day three

You must consume 700 grams of Chicken with any fat removed

Day four

You should consume 200 grams of rice (cooked)

Day five

Eat six boiled potatoes (to eat throughout the day)

Day six

You must consume apples (any type of your choice)

Please remember that these diets are to be used for fast weight loss and not to be repeated in succession or within a close period of time. Both of the diets contain food that is nutritious but it is recommended that you take multivitamins for the duration of each of these diets. In between these diets, it could be a good idea to maintain a healthy, nutritionally rich diet and that you exercise regularly. Remember to drink between one to two litres of water per day.

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