Tonsillitis And Sore Throat- Get Rid Of It In A Few Hours

Are you suffering from the dreaded tonsillitis or a sore throat? Worry no more, there is a home made recipe from the olden times which can serve as a great cure to your problem. This is the best solution to your problem not only because it can give a cure within a few hours but it also completely made out of natural ingredients and there are no chemicals involved. Tonsillitis And Sore Throat- Get Rid Of It In A Few Hours
The recipe is as follows-

· Take nearly 80g of grounded cumin seeds and pour 200ml of water over it. Now boil this for nearly 15 minutes.

· After the first step is done, you will have a thick extensible mass.

· Strain this and then add 50ml of water, then heat it until you start boiling.

· Add a tablespoon of whiskey or brandy or cognac.

The solution is now ready for consumption. You have to consume a tablespoon every 30 minutes and after nearly 2 hours, you can start feeling a relief. This will help in solving the sore throat or tonsillitis problem. If it still persists, continue to take it until you can feel a relief.

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