Switch the unhealthy sugar with full of vitamins honey

What is honey?

Honey is an amber fluid made by Apis Mellifera (honey bees) which is extracted from the nectar of flowers.

Why is honey better than sugar?

With its rich sweetness and tase, honey is considered to be one of the healthiest substituents to sugar. It also contains of completely naturals ingredients. What is the greatest difference between sugar and honey is that in honey, there are sugars such as fructose, glucose and others, while in the normal sugar is 100 per cent made up of sucrose. The percentages of sugars in honey are about 75. The rest 25 per cent is water with a trace of proteins, which are essential for the normal human’s health.Switch the unhealthy sugar with full of vitamins honey


Overall, honey is a form of sugar with 100 per cent natural ingredients. Unlike sugar, honey contains proteins and water which the normal food and sugar lack. In my opinion, instead of adding boring sugar to your morning tea, you should mix it up with a sweet tasty natural honey.

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