Sweet Home Remedy For a Cough

Why would you go through the hassle of going to the pharmacy just to buy syrups and Lozenges against cough?. Instead, you can have your own home remedy that does not have any side effects and does not make you to feel a serious fall of the stomach. This home remedy can be used by anyone in the family children included.

To make it you will need the following ingredients:

Honey. The most recommended type is the homemade version.
Black radishMake-Your-Own-Tasty-Cure-Against-Cough

Steps for preparing

First, start by slicing the inner parts of the black radish

Then take the homemade honey and pour a small amount into the hollow part of the radish. The quantity is recommended because the radish produces juice.

Put the radish in something that is broad enough to hold it still overnight. It should be at room temperature the whole time.

Later the next morning, pour the syrup that is in the radish into a pan that has a lid

The resulting syrup, that is honey that is enriched with juices has no harm to the individual. You can take it according to your own prescription such as before you go to bed to reduce the pain in the throat or even any time after you get a cough. The syrup can be used by children at any age.

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