stress is reduced by exercising

Exercising produces chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. These chemicals are called endorphins. This is in turn reduces stress in the body.

Exercising reduces stress in several ways. This includes:stress is reduced by exercising

1) Sleep

When one is stressed, one tends to have sleepless nights or wake up several times in the night. Thus waking up feeling tired and not well rested. The muscles relax through exercising thus improves ability to sleep.

2) Anxiety

Situations you are facing in life, it might be an interview, facing a challenge and other factors that can make one to be anxious. Adrenaline and cortisol hormones shoot high thus increase the anxiety within the body system. Through exercise, the level of anxiety is reduced thus reducing stress.

3) Depression

There are some people who have been through depression either genetically (hormonal imbalance and low mood) or through some experience in life. Those that have been born with these genes are basically put on medication to control and are advised to do exercise which reduces stress thus help in managing depression condition.

4) Body Systems

There are several body systems that work together – muscular, cardio, nervous and respiratory – when exercising thus reducing stress. That is why when you are suffering from any disease which affect any of these systems, stress increase to a point that it may even cause death. So please take caution and exercise regularly for a healthy, whole body system.

5) Body physique

Exercising reduces stress in that one is able to feel good about how they look physically, also improves on the mood and feel healthier.

To be a healthier, productive and long life living people we need to ensure that we exercise daily. It need not be strenuous work out like aerobics, running, biking, even walking will work especially brisk waking.

Overall result be HAPPY!

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