Stop Food Cravings by Eating Healthy Foods

Food cravings are one of the most important reasons that people fail with their diet program. We all have experienced cravings for our most favorite foods when being on a diet, but have you also asked yourself what the meaning of food cravings actually could be?

Food cravings are simply the body’s cry for more nutrients. You might eat the wrong foods, e.g. too much junk food with many calories, but a low density of valuable vitamins and minerals. Although it would obviously make more sense if your body craved in this case rather carrots than a donut, it does not seem to work this way.

You usually want what you are used to eating because your body knows, that is the food that is available. And now your body is giving you a signal for more food for it to extract more of whatever nutrient you are deficient inStop Food Cravings by Eating Healthy Foods

Nutrient Deficiencies Can Cause Food Cravings

Many people find that adding vitamins like the super food trio or some multiple vitamins and mineral help to reduce their cravings. This may be because their bodies are searching for certain missing nutrients, and this may cause you to be hungry, trying to get those nutrients for your body. This could explain some cravings for sugar for example (B vitamins and magnesium) or chocolate (magnesium). Also, certain critical minerals are known to help reduce cravings if you correct a deficiency, such as with chromium or vanadium.

Preventing the food cravings

So you begin practicing some of the above tips to find other things that might work, but how can you make choices in your eating to prevent those cravings from happening in the first place?

Incorporate these foods into your diet on a regular basis and you will find yourself feeling more satisfied and watch the cravings diminish.

Chocolate cravings:

If you crave chocolate, chances are your body is deficient in magnesium. Instead of eating chocolate, you should eat raw nuts, legumes, fruits, and seeds. They are much healthier alternatives to chocolate.

Sweets cravings:

Most people that I know crave sweets. This is because their bodies are deficient in chromium, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, or tryptophan. If you crave sweets, your doctor should be able to tell you what your particular deficiency is.

– For chromium deficiency, get in the habit of eating broccoli, cottage cheese, dried beans, and chicken.
– For phosphorus deficiency, eat liver, beef, poultry, fish, nuts, legumes, eggs, and grains.
– If your body lacks sulfur, your diet should be rich in cranberries, and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and kale.
– For carbon deficiency, I suggest you consume fresh fruits.
– If your body is deficient in tryptophan, then you should eat raisins, spinach, sweet potato, lamb, and cheese.

Bread cravings:

If you crave bread like I do, your body might be deficient in nitrogen. You can eat healthy bread such as sprouted grain bread, or you can eat high protein foods such as fish, nuts, meat, and beans.

Coffee cravings:

I may be the only person in America, who does not crave coffee. If you crave coffee, it means that your body is deficient in phosphorous. Healthier substitutes to your coffee addiction include chicken, beef, poultry, liver, fish, dairy, eggs, nuts, and legumes.

Fatty food cravings:

Some people crave oily snacks and other fatty foods. If you are one of those individuals with this issue, your body might be lacking calcium. You should eat more broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, and turnip greens.

Soda cravings:

Similar to coffee, most people crave soda. In fact, soda craving must be one of the most frequent food cravings. If you are part of the millions of people who want drink, your body is probably deficient in calcium. Calcium deficiency is the same defect that causes fatty food cravings. To stop craving soda, your diet should be rich in kale, legumes, broccoli, cheese, and turnip greens.

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