Steps towards Losing50 Pounds in 2 months

Grape fruit juice diet that will help participants lose 50 pounds in a within a 2 months period.


The participant should take eight fresh grapefruit glasses of juice each day. The grapefruit juice has a positive impact in the body in that is catalyzes and accelerates the breaking down of fat deposits and the burning of calories. The participant should not take an excess of eight grapefruit glasses in a day. Coffee is not allowed in this process because it interferes with insulin balance therefore distorting calories burning process.

Some of the prohibited diets that should not be taken alongside the grapefruit juice are herein discussed.

– Large quantities of salt

– Any foods containing sugar such as: chocolate, cakes, dessert, snacks and sugar.

– All white flour products

– All fried foods.

The appropriate menu can be composed by the participant themselves.

Listed below are the ingredients from which the participant can choose from for a good diet. The options can be rotated each day.

– A slice of black bread accompanied with margarine or butter

– A banana and some milk

– Some sliced bread accompanied by cottage cheese (100 grams)Steps towards Losing50 Pounds in 2 months

– Some cereals especially the oat kernels accompanied by some milk.

– A piece of sliced and toasted black bread alongside two boiled eggs

– Apple, kiwi and orange fruit salad.

– one glass of milk containing some honey (one teaspoon)

– a slice of black toasted bread alongside a piece of cheese (50g low fat cheese)

Before taking breakfast the participant should always take a glass of grapefruit juice while their stomach is empty.

For lunch the participant should consider some meat that is not fried and some salad. Some of the allowed meats include turkey, fish and chicken meet but the meat should be baked or well cooked. Alongside the meet should be some fresh salad accompanying it. Some mixed salad is advisable so as to enable consumption of more fresh vegetables. The salad should be seasoned using soy sauce in the place of salt and some grape oil extracted from the grape seeds, linseed oil or some olive oil.

As earlier stated some grapefruit juice should be taken before any meal being careful not to exceed eight glasses. To make up the eight grapefruit juice glasses in a day the remaining juice should be drunk whenever the participant feels hungry or thirsty. Other than the juice the participant should also take some green tea or water. All alcoholic drinks and other juices must not be consumed.

For the purpose of dinner interchanging a variety of vegetables is advised. In case the vegetables fail to satisfy hunger a baked potato should be eaten. Before retiring for bed the last grapefruit juice glass should be taken.

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