Scale down with apple and cabbage diet

Have you been struggling with weight loss? Then we are happy to present you apple and cabbage diets which will give wonderful results and your struggle will be no more. You will be able to either lose six kilograms in a period of six days or ten kilograms in ten days upon following the given diet. The path to achieving a healthy weight is only via checking what you consume and hitting the gym. It calls for a total habit, lifestyle and self-change.

Six day apple diet plan.Scale down with apple and cabbage diet

Day one- 1kg apples.

Day two- 1.5kg apples.

Day three- 2kg apples.

Day four- 2kg apples.

Day five- 1.5kg apples.

Day six- 1kg apples.

You can also take sugarless tea. Green tea will give the best results. Some pieces of toasted bread will do no harm.

10 day cabbage diet plan.

Breakfast- sugar free coffee

Lunch- cabbage salad, 1tbsp olive oil and 1 boiled egg daily.

Dinner- 200g fish, a glass of yogurt or kefir.

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