Very sad, Ramen Noodles are dangerous for health?

So, your kids likes Ramen Noodles and eat them on a daily basis? Well, then this might shock you a bit. Recently Scientists revealed that our favorite Ramen Noodles can be a serious threat to health. Additionally, Ramen Noodles can be responsible for causing Heart Disease, Stroke & Metabolic Syndrome.I know when it comes to noodles you can’t compromise on it, but also be careful to face any serious disease in near future.Very sad Ramen Noodles are dangerous for health

People loves to eat noodles and they can’t accept this fact that Noodles may be dangerous for health specially Ramen Noodles. Recent researches from Harvard University and Baylor university says it can be a serious threat to health. From earlier days noodles are known for increasing the risk of changes in metabolic activity which is directly related to heart disease and stroke. Let’s dig deeper! Have you heard about the TBHQ? Is tertiary-butyl hydroquinone. So you must be thinking what it is? Well TBHQ is made from the petroleum industry, specifically, it is the byproduct or take it as a second product which is left out after creating the main product. So why you should worry?

Well, TBHQ is generally used to preserve cheap processed food like chips packet, or any sealed packet food. Have you seen a very popular video on youtube which demonstrates what happens after eating ramen noodles? That video shows the complete digesting of it and you will get amazed by seeing the result. A Recent study shows that In South Korea those women who consumed more noodles were most likely to have “metabolic Syndrome”. No matter how much you eat healthy food but if you are eating noodle “so much” then be prepared for having metabolic syndrome.

So what is a metabolic syndrome in actual? Well, A person having metabolic syndrome can see some high blood pressure ratings. additionally, high blood sugar readings are also possible. Ultimately these observations can increase the risk of having diabetes, stroke or heart disease. Originally flash frying cooked noodles used to the dried noodle block, and even after a long time the same method is used in Asian countries to make it. Have you every thought about the ingredient about the ramen noodles? So basically they are made up of palm oil, flour, and salt. This basically prepared the block part. So what about the flavouring powder?

Generally flavouring powder contains seasoning, monosodium glutamate, sugar and salt(and this is why it tastes so much). A basic quantity of instant ramen noodles can contain up to 2700-2800 mg of sodium. Hence Hyun-shin from Boston Harvard School of Public Health said that even thought you like ramen noodles very much and It is very delicious but it contains a very high quantity of Sodium. First, they did some research on 11,000 people of South Korean age ranging from 19 to 64. They are asked that how many times they eat noodles and make a list of the things they eating recently.

South Korea is the country who consumes the largest amount of Noodles per-capita. The United States is at number 6 in consuming noodles according to WINA(World Instant Noodles Association) China, India, Vietnam, and Japan are ahead of USA in Noodle consumption.I have told about TBHQ earlier. It is a by-product of Petroleum industry and used in the preservation of packed food.So here is the list of some TBHQ food products:
1) Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts

2) Microwave popcorn

3) Many Kellogg’s products

4) Little Debbies nutty bars and some M&M products

5) Taco bell beans and some taco shells

6) Teddy Grahams

7) Homestyle Peanut butter cookies

8) Keebler Cookies

9) Keebler Club crackers

10) Nestle Crunch

11) Some pet foods

12) KFC beans and fried chicken

13) Little Debbie

14) Many baby products and cosmetic products

15) Some forms of soymilk

16) Different breads cereals

17) Butterfinger chocolateSome hair dyes lipsticks and eyeshadows

18) Crisco oil

19) Wheat Thins

20) CHEEZ-IT Crackers made by Kellogg’s

21) Red Barron frozen pizza

These are some very popular TBHQ products but there are more local TBHQ products are available worldwide. One of the biggest problem comes to determining the safety level of food that whether we should eat this food or not. The local food agencies are getting irresponsible day by day in taking action regarding food consumption.

Many of the people don’t know what they are eating. At least people who live in slum don’t have much information about food safety. Also, when it comes to teste people living in urban areas didn’t concerned about it.Imagine an electrical engineering reading the food contains printed on the packet. How much he will able to understand. Definitely he must be knowing some chemicals but most of them are mystery for him. So instead googling them on the internet he will tear the packet and eat the food without knowing the content.So is this the thing food manufacturers are taking advantage of?Below is the link for the video which gone viral as I mentioned it about earlier. So do watch the video and think before eating the next meal of our favorite ramen noodle or any processed food.

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