Remedial Affects of Apple

Apple is world’s finest fruit and liked all over the world. However, there are some recipes of this fruit if you use them for medicinal effects.

1. Counter Sciatica: This is a disease with particular pain on back, bones etc. If you place some dry apples on the place where pain is happening, it will diminish after sometime.

2. Counter Melancholy: Vinegar of apple-cider in 5-6 teaspoons in quantity, spruce barriers extract in 1 litter quantity to be placed in the moderately hot water before taking bath. A mixture of new apple extract with honey and lemon to be drank after 15 minutes of bath will counter melancholy.


3. Counter Constipation: If you can eat 1 slice of bread or butter with 1 spoon of barley, wheat or rye during your daily meals and baked apples with it, it will counter affect your constipation.

4. Counter Sweating: If you are going through with flue or fever, you just put apple in water on heat so that they can get liquid, add lemon extract and honey into it and drink it hot. This will stimulate sweating to recover you to normal state.

5. Infant Foodstuff: To make great food for them, unpeel apple first, add in a glass 1 teaspoons of lemon extract and apple in same quantity, 2 teaspoons of sugar converted into fine powder and same teaspoon of biscuits squashed into small pieces.

6. Crushed Apple: This is instrumental in curing blood diseases and to make your sleep peaceful.

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