Reasons Why You Should Consume More Alkaline Foods

Loading up on processed and refined food products can be unfavorable for the health. However, a visit to the grocery will reveal just how consumers patronize them. Because all these products are acid forming, they can cause chemical imbalance in one’s body and set off a host of health issues. This is when eating alkaline foods comes very important.

This chemical balance is determined by the pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14. The body is better off being high in alkalinity. If this pH scale goes lower than 7, your body is then considered acidic. Aside from processed and refined food items, there are many others which contribute to this imbalance.

Meat and meat products, dairy products, sweets, condiments and beverages such as coffee and carbonated drinks all have a say in the situation. They increase the acidity levels of the body, and in the long run can cause acidosis. This condition can put your body systems into a lot of dangers, and show up as many different health problems.Reasons Why You Should Consume More Alkaline Foods

I can tell if you have it if you often experience headaches, fatigue, and recurring allergies, colds, cough and flu. There are many other problems linked to excessive body acidity. Some of them include ulcers, skin problems, obesity and even depression. Heart diseases, breathing problems, joint problems, osteoporosis, etc. Are also on the list.

Taking medications for all these problems only masks the signs and symptoms, leaving out the root cause. What’s more, even the medications you take themselves contribute to the increasing levels of acid within you. The best way to deal with the problem is to increase your intake of alkalizing food – those with are high in alkalinity.

Reduce your consumption of processed and refined food products, and others mentioned earlier. Go for plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organically grown ones. As a general rule of thumb, your regular diet should be composed of 75 percent alkaline foods to effectively neutralize unwanted acid accumulated in the body.

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