Quick and Healthy way to drop 11 pounds within a week and a half

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight with little or NO side effects? We have got a perfect plan for you. This plan will help you drop 11 pounds within just 10 days. The best part? You would be losing weight by consuming healthy meals that you plan and tailor according to your own particular penchants, needs, and aspirations!

Important! This plan gives results when done in conjunction with daily exercise.

Here are some basic guidelines for the diet.

Do’s: consume lots of fruits and vegetables. The more diverse, the better.Quick and Healthy way to drop 11 pounds within a week and a half

Certain fruits have great fat burning capabilities in addition to providing required nutrients. Examples include orange, raspberry, strawberry, papaya, apple, and grapes.

Vegetables can be eaten either raw or cooked (in a simple manner).

In case you are not a fan of fruits and veggies, an alternative option is to consume yogurt with non-additive muesli.

Don’ts: Avoid the following food during these 10 days – pasta, cheese, bread, and meat.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can consume unrestricted amount of fruits and veggies every hour. There should only be four meals (breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner) consumed in a day. Each of them should contain 1 cup of fruit and a cup of vegetables.

If you feel hungry between meals, drink lots of fluids or tomato juice, but avoid coffee.

Below is a sample diet plan. (1 cup each)

Breakfast: chopped fruit, tomato juice (OR) plain yoghurt

Lunch : chopped fruit, lettuce and tomato salad seasoned with lime juice, veggie soup

Brunch : Chopped fruits

Dinner : Fresh vegetable salad (chopped carrot, broccoli, tomato, lettuce, cucumbers etc), cabbage soup, chopped fruits.

Finally, try and eat meals at same time every day. Dinner should be consumed as early as possible.

If you follow this diet plan diligently, you can watch the weighing scale go down after just 10 days!

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