How to Prepare A Creamy Hot Potato Soup

To prepare a creamy potato soup, you need the following ingredients:
-900 grams potato
-100 grams onions
-40 grams parsley
-1 dcl. cooking oil
-2 l. veal broth
-1 dcl. sour cream
-50 g. carrot

Method:How to Prepare A Creamy Hot Potato Soup
Put the oil in a pan to heat. Then cook your chopped onions to golden brown. Having chopped the potatoes and carrots into cubes, add them to the heated pan. Immediately, pour your veal broth (vegetables can also do). Simmer in a moderate fire. Add parsley and celery leaves towards the end of your cooking.

Using a mixer, mix the soup after the vegetables are cooked. Take back to the fire and cook a bit longer. You may add some water if the soup is very thick. Alternatively, use a little broth to dilute your thick soup.

Towards the end of your cooking, do add your sour cream, then serve.

Hygiene is imperative. Ensure all your utensils and hands are clean.

Enjoy your meal.

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