Pineapple and Weight Loss

In the current world, three out of every ten people are overweight due to poor and unhealthy eating. The key to being unhealthy involves eating healthy food. For the overweight’s who want to reduce some calories, we give a pineapple magical diet in which you can lose 2-5 kilograms in a month duration without having to compromise your health.pineapple contain bromelain, an enzyme used in reducing inflammation and also aids in digestion which helps with weight loss.Pineapple and Weight Loss

Two-day diet plan with pineapple.
What you need;
.Fresh pineapple(2kg)
.1liter of pineapple juice (sugarless)
Chop the pineapples into pieces
Divide into four portions and serve during breakfast, as a snack, during lunch and dinner.
Drink a liter of juke in a day for two consecutive days after the two days you will have lost some weight by almost two pounds.

Diet based on protein and pineapples.
Apart from low diets, you can also try pineapple and protein diet which goes for two weeks.This diet involves pineapples, meat, vegetables, and fruits as well as mushrooms.
Ingredients for the simple meal
.600-700g of pineapple
.200-300g of mushrooms or meat
.A vegetable or any fruit
Cook the meat without oil or being baked in a microwave.
Limit consumption of carbs and eliminate fat for two weeks. With this kind of diet, you can lose up to 5kg for 14 days.

Five days diet with pineapple
This diet is designed for 5 days. During the day, you should consume 2litres of water or sugarless tea. You should eat four times a day while maintaining same breakfast for the five days. In a day, you should have the following;
For breakfast; 100g of pineapple, 100g of yogurt (low fat) and oatmeal. However, you can have eggs, toast rye bread with butter and 50g of pineapple
For lunch, you can have potato, cheese 100g of pineapple; alternatively, you can have 100g of salad with shrimps and 100g of pineapple
For dinner, you can have 100g of rice with 100g of pineapple or have a chicken salad with 100g of pineapple
In conclusion, unripe pineapples can be toxic to humans; it is important to ensure you eat only the ripe pineapples by looking at color of the skin

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