Never Mix These Foods

From the time we’re toddlers up until the age of thirty, we can eat basically whatever we want without any consequences. For the first thirty years of life, the body’s metabolism is at its peak. During this period, our bodies contain the most hormones and enzymes that it ever will.

Once we hit the age of thirty-two, our system starts to lose its ability to metabolize different kinds of foods. When the stomach acid and digestive enzymes start to break down, our ability to eat certain mixes of foods deteriorates.

Here are some types of foods that are commonly eaten together that shouldn’t be mixed:

– Chicken with breadNever Mix These Foods

– Chicken and beans or legumes

– Chicken and rice

– Any kind of meat with potatoes

– Sandwiches with meat

It’s also important not to drink any sort of beverage with your meal, including water. Instead of drinking liquids with your meal, try having a drink half an hour before you start eating, and then one hour after you’ve finished consuming your meal.

The key to avoiding the consequences of mixing foods is to keep proteins and starches separate. When you eat proteins and starches at the same time, your body isn’t able to digest everything. In fact, your body can only process the starch and about half of the protein. So where does the rest of the food go?

The other half of the protein is left in your stomach. Unfortunately, this food clusters together and is likely to rot in your stomach. Any undigested starch ferments, which results in parasitic yeast. This yeast exists continues to live in the body and forms gases.

This problem occurs around the world, however, there are very few medical resources dedicated to educating consumers about the healthy ways to combine their foods. By following these suggestions for combining foods, you can help keep your body healthy.

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