Why You Need Consider Bananas Over Pills!

People are becoming more and more conscious about their health. Pills are all over for us to consider. However, on making a comparison between bananas and pills, bananas tend to carry the day. In addition to their high nutritional value, other benefits of bananas include the ability to prevent diseases or even curing some conditions. Off course, the high fiber content together with the three sugar types present in bananas can’t go without being mentioned as far as banana value is concerned.

Benefits of bananas

i. Stress Reliever

Stress, a conditioned referred to as a modern age disease continuously leaves our health in a worse state. Due to increased metabolism rate associated with stress, the potassium levels keep on dropping in our bodies. Rich in potassium, bananas can be successfully used to establish the balance needed. This, in turn, normalizes the heartbeat thereby sending oxygen to the brain as well as regulating the water content in the body thus the body ends up in normal functioning.

ii. Solution to Flatulence and ConstipationWhy You Need Consider Bananas Over Pills

Bananas are rich in pectin, which is an element responsible for speed up in digestion and removal of toxins together with heavy metals. As a pro-biotic, they are responsible for the stimulation of the intestines, factors that are responsible for the reduction of flatulence. On the other end, the fiber, which the fruit is rich in, acts as a natural constipation laxative.

iii. Bananas and Depression

The fruit is rich in tryptophan, an ingredient that assumes the shape of a protein responsible for stimulating the secretion of serotonin: a hormone of luck. With just a single banana, there will be an increase of serotonin enough to calm you down and make you feel happy.

iv. Banana: A Reliever of PMS

The vitamin B6, which bananas are rich in, is an effective solution to blood glucose levels. Bananas have been proven to work well in reducing abdominal and chest pain together with a reduction of body water and mood swings, courtesy of the vitamin B.

v. Blood Pressure Solution

One of the greatest causes of high blood pressure is the intake of lots of sodium with little potassium. Eating a single banana every morning has worked wonders in maintaining a permissible limit an advantage that is attributed to the high potassium amounts in bananas.

One main con of pills is that they come as standalone nutrients since only an element of interest is taken from foods. Bananas on the other side come as a wholesome food with no negative impacts to the body. It is a food.

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