natural remedy for clearing the bloodstream and eliminating cholesterol from your body

Toxins are released in the body regularly, it is, therefore, imperative that these toxins be removed from the body to avoid any harm that they pose to the human body. The elasticity of your blood vessels increases when you regularly clean toxins from your this article we bring to your attention a secret healing procedure.

Several methods have been employed to remove toxins from the body, these include a change in diet, use of medication which is homemade, laser blood cleaning or even plasmapheresis ( a process in which the liquid in the blood or plasma separated from the cells) . You should note that cleaning your blood vessels is likely to cause much of medication contradictions, this should only be applied if all other avenues have proved not to be successful.

There is a homemade natural medication which will clear cholesterol from your bloodstream within days if used properly. It is also proved to be safe. Garlic and lemon have for a long time been used to clean blood vessels and also strengthens blood vessels’ walls, used to reduce cholesterol levels and also reduce diseases such as atherosclerosis ( a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries) This garlic and lemon mixture was used many centuries ago in Russia by the Tibetian people. The remedy which is natural has also been used to prevent the formation of cancer cells which has been confirmed by several medical types of research. Garlic contains antioxidants known to regenerate and rejuvenate the body. Below is a recipe of this natural remedy that you can use to clean blocked arteries and your blood vessels.natural remedy for clearing the bloodstream and eliminating cholesterol from your body

· 4 cloves of garlic
· 4 medium lemons which are not peeled
· 3 liters of boiling water

1. Slice the lemon and garlic then after washing the garlic clean put both lemon and garlic in a bowl.
2. Add some boiling water.
3. Grind the mixture and divide it into 3 glass jars.
4. Fill the glass jars with boiling water.
5. Close the jars and refrigerate for 3 days.
6. After 3 days stir the mixture till its homogenous.


Take 50ml of this remedy 3 times in a day before taking your meals. Start the blood vessel cleaning with small doses (preferably 1-2 tablespoons) .if no side effects occur you can this dosage till you reach the recommended amount. Duration for treatment is normally 40 days with this method which is done once a year. Once you finish this dosage consult your doctor.

This remedy improves your lipid composition as well as blood flow and will help you in losing weight.

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