natural healthy way of melting kidney and gallbladder stones

Are you looking for the natural way of melting stone in kidney and gallbladder? Perhaps you have got it. As a matter of fact, kidney stone and gallbladder stone is a chronic disease that can kill if not treated. One of the ways that has been found to be effective in melting the stones is by use of the natural medicine that comes from the following process:

The ingredients

lemon peel 250 g
powdered sugar 250 g
olive oil 0.25 l
honey  250 g
parsley root 250 g

Preparation stepsnatural healthy way of melting kidney and gallbladder stones

With all the ingredients in place, grind the lemon peel and the peeled parsley root after which, mix all the ingredients together and stir them thoroughly till you achieve a fine texture. Once you are done, you are ready to use the same as for your medication purpose.

How to use it

Here, you have to take the mixture  (one tablespoon) two times a day before any meal. That is, in the morning and in the evening. Therefore, by observing this schedule, you will surely get rid of the stones in the kidney and gallbladder and thus live a healthy life.

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