Miracle In A Cup – Sustain Spring Allergies With This Magical Juice,All Natural!

Allergies are conditions caused by hypersensitivity of immune system to the environmental condition causing unpleasant feeling or sensation. Can be cured naturally through strong immune system. However, people with weak immune system and obliterated mucosa are being advised to try this magical-naturally made juice that overwhelms all spring allergies.

Ingredients include the 5 fundamental components:Miracle In A Cup - Sustain Spring Allergies With This Magical Juice

· 1 carrot – medium sized

· 2 oranges- large

· ½ cucumbers

· About 5-10 mint leaves

· 20 grams fresh ginger

Two ingredients have medicinal value but oranges are great vitamin C source that boost immune system and the mint is a great natural inhalation recipe for the respiratory tract mostly when spring allergies are extant.

Preparation method

The fruit is to be washed and then peeled, chopped into small pieces. Place the chopped pieces in blender and blend to perfection. The mint leaves should be added at the end. The juice should be kept in the fridge and drank on an empty stomach usually before breakfast. Only one cup a day is recommended.

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