making your homemade dehydrated fruit

Making Homemade dehydrated fruits is a good recipe for healthy living. The preservation of food has always been a part human activities. However, times have changed the way and manner in which it is done. Majority of fruits we eat today are not homemade dehydrated foods, they are preserved with some kind of industrial conservatives unlike what obtained in primordial days when fruits and foods were preserved by drying, preservation by drying rather than preservation by the use of industrial conservatives has immense health advantages economically and ecologically as homemade dehydrated fruits has no side effects or it is natural.Make-Your-Own-Homemade-Dehydrated-Fruit-Snacks-Your-Kids-Will-Adore-Them

The advantages of eating homemade dehydrated fruits in sufficient quantity cannot be overstated. Hence, we are focused in this piece on disclosing the methods of preserving fruits in their natural state. The good thing is, it makes it into a tasty snack that your family will surely love. If you have a food dehydrator at home,congratulations, you are one step ahead. But if you don’t have, you can use your hot air oven for the purpose. Fruit snacks when prepared, may just be one of the healthy things your kids could have whether they are at home or are in school. Additionally, Children need carbohydrate and vitamin for healthy growth, dehydrated fruit snack is a proper recipe with a good amount of carbohydrate and vitamins which helps to boost their energy while playing with their fellow kids.

Now, let’s proceed to see the way fruit snacks can be made.Generally, cleanse whatever kind of fruit you are using, slice it up into sizeable pieces, after this stage you then place the food on a tray and apply some sucrose, then place it where it will dry.

You can make a homemade dehydrated fruit in the following ways:

1. Dehydrated Oranges:
If you intend to dehydrate an Orange, oranges need to be peeled first, sliced and dehydrated on the dehydrator tray.

2.Dehydrated Kiwi:
Kiwi should be washed first before peeling it. It also has to be cut into equal pieces, and then put the slices of the kiwi on the dehydrator tray.

3. Dehydrated Apples:
For Apple, don’t just slice it like that, first wash it and yes, peel before slicing it into two first so as to remove the core or any seed inside.

4.Dehydrated Bananas:
The making of banana into fruit snack is slightly different from the rest. First, it is to take note that you have to cut the bananas into bigger slices unlike the other fruits discussed that you have cut into smaller pieces, when it dries up, it would become smaller. That said, you may decide to add some lemon juice, you may as well add some honey to it. Honey is a natural sweetener, then place on the dehydrator tray, and leave them why natural drying takes.

Drying a fruit into fruit snack may take approximately 8 hours. It would however depend on the kind of the fruit and how thick or tiny you sliced it. If you don’t have a fruit dehydrator and cannot afford the money to rent one, don’t worry, you can use a hot air oven to achieve this. When you have prepared your fruit snack, it is advisable that you store them in a cool dark place as too much light or heat may cause damages to it.

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