Make a Protein Cocktail For Better Weight Loss

You’ve heard about the benefits of protein for weight loss. It keeps you from losing muscle instead of fat, and can help you to feel less hunger in between meals.

Plus, adequate protein is critical for metabolism and optimal brain function. Your body uses protein in dozens of different ways, from building and repairing tissues to making needed enzymes and other bodily chemicals. It is an important component of your hair, nails, bones, blood, and even your skin.

How much protein should you get per day? Roughly 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight – which translates to around 56 grams for the average man, and 46 for the average woman.

If you’re struggling to get enough protein in during the day, we have a delicious solution – a protein cocktail you can make right in your own kitchen.

Unlike many over-the-counter shakes and smoothie mixes, this protein cocktail is made from natural ingredients. There are no artificial weight-loss “enhancers,” chemicals or over-processed junk. It’s 100% clean, something you can feel good about fueling your body with.

This protein cocktail would be a perfect post-workout recovery drink, between-meal snack or meal replacement.



1 Cup skim milk (0% fat)

1 Cup nonfat Greek yogurt (Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt)

1 teaspoon flax seed oil

1 Banana

Walnuts or almonds to taste


Peel the banana, cut it up and put it in the blender. If you haven’t already, chop up the walnuts or almonds before adding them. Add the milk, yogurt and flax seed oil and blend until smooth.

You can also add a little honey to taste if it needs to be sweetened.

Pour and enjoy – you’ll want to drink this right away as the consistency may change when kept in the fridge.

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