Lowering High Blood Pressure and Alleviating Headache

Are you frustrated with a very terrible headache which doesn’t seem go away using usual medication? Then, here is the most effective natural remedy. This wonder formula will ease the throbbing pain in just twenty minutes.Lowering High Blood Pressure and Alleviating Headache

The very first thing you require is a good cotton cloth or gauze. You have to use this fabric to hold all the ingredients together and squash it on your head. This cotton gauze has to be folded in eight sheets before applying on the affected area.

The ingredients for this very effective natural remedy are the commonly used ones in your home. Take two leveled spoons of salt and dissolve it in 8.5 oz (250 ml) of hot water. It has to be kept in mind that the temperature of the hot water should be around 60 to 70 degree Celsius. This method gives you an eight percent salt solution.

First, wet your neck, forehead and ear with lukewarm water. Then immerse the cotton fabric in the salt solution. The excess water has to be squeezed out of the gauze. Apply this compression pack on your neck, forehead, and around the ears. It is advisable that you lie down somewhere while the warm gauze is on your fore head.

Do not take the compress away from your temple immediately, even after the problem is solved. You just need to keep it a little more time for the best results. You need to rest again for another twenty minutes or so. Wash your ears, forehead and neck after taking the warm cotton fabric away.

Many experts suggest that annoying headaches are very often caused by the food you consume. Unhealthy items like alcohol, aerated drinks etc can make the problem worse.

Elevated levels of blood pressure and swelling of the body are most often caused by taking salt in excess quantities. But a salt warm compress works in an opposite manner and thus helps to lower blood pressure. Applying salt gauzes in the affected areas help to remove excess fluid from the body thereby lowering blood pressure. If you battle problems like swollen feet, the same natural remedy can be of big help.

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