Loss 7 Pounds In 4 days

Here is another diet for individuals who need to loose weight quickly. With this eating routine you can lose 7 lbs in only four days. It is somehow little rigorous, however extremely viable eating routine. As we said, loosing weight quickly has outcomes, so by and by we prescribe you to take extra vitamins amid the diet.

With this “Mexican Diet” here is how you can loss 7 pounds in 4 days, and if you need you can repeat it once again following two days. Loss 7 Pounds In 4 days

First day:

Breakfast: Some espresso without sugar, two bubbled eggs, one orange

Lunch: eight prunes

Supper: one bubbled egg and one orange

Second day:

Breakfast: one piece of cheese and cup of coffee

Lunch: one bubbled egg and one orange

Supper: one pear and one cup of yogurt or kefir, and one pear

Third day:

Breakfast: one cup of tea( without sugar)

Lunch: one tomato , one cucumber and piece of cheese.

Supper: cup of milk

Fourth day:

Breakfast: fruit juice and two tablespoons of muesli

Lunch: salad without any spices, one tomato and one cucumber

Supper: two oranges

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