How Does Losing Weight Affect Our Body?

When following any weight loss program. your goal is to get rid of all the excess body fat. You will choose a special diet that will ensure you lose weight in a gradual manner without putting your body in harms way. Losing weight drastically or becoming too skinny can come with negative consequences and its important to adopt a proper and well-balanced diet. When following any special diet regimen, your body undergoes the following changes:How Does Losing Weight Affect Our Body

Temporary Situation
These are changes that take place but are usually short-lived. You will get rid of the extra body fat from the targeted regions but when you stop following the program the fat will return. People seeking to lose weight usually target the stomach/belly, hips, and thighs. The stomach is one of the most problematic regions and it takes a lot of sacrifice or hard work to see any changes. In fact, you may notice changes in the thighs, hips or other areas but the stomach will remain the same.

During the Diet
There are all kinds of theories on special diets. Some will talk about dieting or fasting, others will talk about paleo/ early-man diets, while others will focus on timing your eating schedule or meal plan. Whichever the approach, all seek to help you lose weight. However, you need to be careful on which plan you follow as some may cause more-harm-than- good. For instance when dieting , you completely steer clear of any carbohydrates and fats and only consume fruits and vegetables.

What you don’t know is that your body will lack the much needed energy and you will start feeling weak or tired. You may also end-up losing too much water which isn’t healthy. People who use starving method as part of their weight loss regimen discover than their body weight has indeed gone down after sometime. However, deeper revelation shows that they will have burnt muscle mass and not the excess fat. Simply put they will still have the fatty deposits inside their system even though they weigh much less.

After the Diet
Following special diet regimen may leave your body much weaker than before and will lack the energy to burn extra calories. Instead, it will resort to depositing more fat leading to weigh gain. There will also be a decline in water elimination leading to what is knows as the “Yo-yo effect.” It means that you will be gaining the same weight you are losing hence no significant change.

Losing weight is more than just the physical appearance. it’s also about psychological or mental effect. Many people have the fear of not wanting to fail, focusing on future outlook and also getting over disappointment. They will therefore follow any special diet regimen as long as it promises them of good results sooner-rather-than-later. This shouldn’t be the case. You need to ensure that the diet boosts your energy and vitality , and makes you feel and look good.Furthermore, the weight loss program should be well-balanced.

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