How Long Will You Live?look at the exercise

How long one lives has been a long lasting question on everybody’s lips. There has been answers from different ideologies and philosophies. This ranges from medicine and science to herbal, religions and a host of others. However, apart from some unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, accidents, be it road, air or any other mode of transportation. People tend to die earlier than expected. To determine how much you live without going through much stress, cheap and highly affordable, and at the comfort of your home? It is very easy. How long will you live can easily be determined or predicted through a simple exercise.

The exercise called the Sitting and Rising Test also popularly known as SRT. A consultant and specialist in sports medicine and exercise Claudio G Araujo, MD, PhD is the man behind the scene of this landmark invention. It’s a rampant believe that once you can run on the treadmills or partake in any other form of aerobic exercise you will definitely live long. However, Dr Araujo proved this wrong by a simple anaerobic exercise. There is so many anxiety and excitement to determine one’s longevity on life. Nothing to worry about, your expectations will be met in the subsequent paragraphs.

The simple exercise is graded on a scale of 10. The aim of this exercise is to go down and rise up in a sitting position with little or no support. All age groups can take part in this exercise. The exercise is done by following the procedures below:How Long Will You Live-look at the exercise

1. Stand bare foot in a comfortable cloth with enough space around you.

2. Lower yourself to sit down with your legs crossed. Do this without any form of support.

3. From the position you were in number two. Stand up without making use of your hands, sides of your leg, forearm, etc. In summary stand up without supporting yourself or someone supporting you.

You can grade yourself. You sitting down is a sum of five points, standing up is also a sum of five points. It is not as easy as you think although. You lose half points each time you support yourself. You also lose half point each time you try to get your balance. To determine your score, subtract the sum total of the points you lost from 10. If you have a score less than or equals to 3, your chances of dying in the next five years is five times greater. People having arthritis, joint or hip pains should not partake or better still, they should be supported.

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