Lemon – The ultimate caretaker of body

Lemon – The ultimate caretaker of body

Lemon diet is very useful for our body because Lemon is the warehouse of vitamin C. Since our body desperately needs vitamin C for the growth and repair of tissues of all parts of body. Vitamin C also helps in making collagen, a vital protein that is useful in the making of skin, cartilages, tendons and blood vessels. It is also needed for wounds healing and repairing of bones.

This Lemon diet is often proclaimed as “clean with lemon” as it rinses the body. Lemon diet has another very effective utility and that is it acts as detoxicating agent which enhances the immune system.

The biggest hassle in today’s world is overweight. Report suggests that regular Lemon diet can help you to lose 1 pound per day. This diet is also known as the “Beyonce Diet” as this diet assisted Beyonce, the famous singer, to reduce 38 pounds after pregnancy.Lemon – The ultimate caretaker of body

Ingredients :

8 cups water,

Juice of 6 lemons ,

A cup honey ,

Few ice cubes and

10 mint leaves.

The method of preparing lemonade is to take lukewarm water, approx 60 degree temperature and add all the mentioned ingredients. Let the mixture to stand. Then place it in the refrigerator for several hours. Finally strain the mixture before drinking.

Take each cup of Lemon drink with one ice cube, because the body consumes extra energy to warm cold food or drinks.

Lemon diet should be taken before breakfast. Also have light fruit salads of your choice. Finally the second lemonade glass should be taken at 11 pm, before sleep with few roasted almonds as snack.

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