Kohlrabi’s Health Advantages

Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable and it is a low and solid cultivator of cabbage. This vegetable is very tasty and has diverse advantages of using it in variety of ways. The chief benefits of this vegetable is its richness in vitamin C and vitamin E. Almost 150% RDA of vitamin C and more then 10% of vitamin E RDA are present in one cup of cooked kohlrabi. Potassium is also present in abundance. Kohlrabi plant was first identified by national cancer center and they explored its potential of anticancer effects in a human body. One of the best ways to use this vegetable in your diet is to cut it and bake it for some time. Present it as a side dish or you can also use it a salad in your daily meals.

Reason of use:Kohlrabi’s Health Advantages

The reason behind anticancer effects of this plant is the vitamins that have been discussed earlier. Both of these vitamins are antioxidants. Antioxidants always perform function to reduce the possibility of enlargement in tumor which later can become a dangerous level of cancer. One other possible advantage of antioxidants is that they can prevent plaque on the arteries which could lead a person into coronary artery disease.

Tricks to Prepare:

You need to pick a piece of kohlrabi which should be smooth surface and without any sign of infection or damages at the surface. You also need to make sure that its leaves are firm and without damages and the color are clear without any chance of infiltration into it. You have the option to peel this vegetable either before you cook it or either you want to peel it after cooking. However, it is much easier to remove the crust after the cooking which would be most viable option to be opted in order to secure your food from any toxic ingredient if you remove the crust before cooking. However if you have the plan to eat kohlrabi when it is in raw position then is suggested that you must briefly remove the bark and the stem of it. If you make plan to eat it in raw position, you should use it with sauce, vinegar or salad. This is the best combination of this vegetable to eat it conveniently. However, after cooking it also has awesome option to be taken with. You can immensely spray it with lemon juice and liquid butter before eating it.

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