Important facts for eating after exercise

The golden hour

Many people think that eating right after some exercise is wrong and unhealthy. They tend to eat a few hours later or even nothing at all after doing some sport. But the truth is, that it’s far more healthy to have a small meal between 30 and 60 minutes after your exercises (the golden hour), than waiting more than that to eat food! If you eat in this ’golden hour’, your body won’t store the food as fat, but it will give strength to your muscles because your body will be prone for it. Your muscles will then receive the nutrients that you need, which will compensate the lost energy.

The right amount and quality of foodImportant facts for eating after exercise

It is also important to consume the right amount of food that is good for you. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you eat after exercise:
– You should eat about half of the calories you have burned. For example, when you burn about 1200 calories with physical activity, you should consume foods that are about 600 calories in total.
-In order to recover your muscles, The food that you eat should contain amounts of proteins and vitamin A. Some foods that are suited for this are: mangoes, potatoes, spinach, nuts, yogurt with some fruit, dried fruits (like apricots), a sandwich with tuna, toasted whole-grain bread with eggs and red peppers. Good drinks are: carrot juice, (banana) milk shake and low fat chocolate milk.

Water and sport drinks

Furthermore, consuming lots of fluids is very important. If you sport high paced about one hour, drinking 500-600 ml of water right after your exercise is very important, because your body itself loses about 4 cups of water while doing exercise. Another thing that you should keep in mind, is that when you sweat a lot while exercising (maybe because the weather is very hot), you definitely should drink sport drinks. When we sweat, we lose important electrolytes and minerals which we need in our body. Sport drinks contain these nutrients, so that your body will remain in a healthy balanced state.

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