Importance of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can be a caution for people aging from seventeen to twenty-five, there are usually four third molars or more commonly known as wisdom teeth. Few individuals are lucky to have three or less or none at all, but four are the most common. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed because when the teeth come in it can damage the rest of the teeth and may harm the persons oral health. If the wisdom teeth are not removed, it can cause damage including misalignment and gum disease.Importance of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

How wisdom teeth can affect the mouths other teeth is, the wisdom teeth can become impacted or come into the mouth sideways. An impacted wisdom tooth means that the teeth have not come through the gum line yet. There are four types of impacted wisdom teeth Mesioangular impaction, Vertical impaction, Distoangular impaction, and Horizontal impaction. Mesioangular impacted teeth are the most common type of impacted wisdom teeth which means it is tooth is placed towards the from of the mouth which can cause misalignment with the other teeth. Vertical impacted wisdom teeth happen when the teeth don’t one hundred percent come through the gum line. Distoangular impacted wisdom teeth are the teeth are leaning towards the back of the mouth. Lastly, Horizontal impacted wisdom teeth are leaning entirely sideways and angled into the second molars, and these will ruin the entire alignment of the mouth as well.

When it gets to wisdom teeth removal, there are reasons that the teeth will need to be removed. One reason that a person would need wisdom teeth removed is if the teeth become impacted or when getting x-rays at the dental office your dentist advises that it will create wisdom tooth problems for the rest of your teeth. Your dentist will refer you to a few Maxillofacial Surgeons if your wisdom teeth are severely impacted and need removal immediately but most oral surgeons remove wisdom teeth. Unless as a teen you skipped the dentist regularly your wisdom teeth won’t go unnoticed and most dentists recommend moving wisdom teeth before the wisdom teeth even reach the gum line.

Wisdom teeth removal is necessary because if the wisdom teeth fully grow in it can cause infections. Infections can occur because wisdom teeth are set in the back of the mouth and in hard to reach areas for a toothbrush or flossing. Food can get stuck back there and can be impossible to get out, and it can cause foul breath and frequent infections. Constant teeth infections can lead to cavities which can lead to gum disease and if ignored the infection can get into the bloodstream and can potentially be fatal. So wisdom teeth extraction is necessary because it doesn’t just affect the gum line, the gums, your alignment it affects more than your oral health, but your body is affected by infections and bodily pain.

Wisdom teeth can cause problems and can be pricey but is important to have them removed from your mouth. Wisdom teeth can ruin the mouth and alignment. The only option if you have wisdom teeth is to have the teeth removed. Surgery will hurt for a few days after but that’s better than cutting and dealing oral health problems.

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