Ideal foods for unblocking arteries

Arteries are blood vessels that facilitate the transport of blood from the heart to the furthest body parts. These vessels play a role in a human’s body. They play a part in the cardiovascular system. With the modern lifestyle, we consume most foods that bring us complications.

A normal artery has a passage that allows blood to flow freely. Once arteries start to clog, the clogging happens progressively and after some time, they become clogged, hindering an efficient blood flow. This clogging of the arteries is what is referred to as Arteriosclerosis. Fatty acids and cholesterol build up on the walls of arteries.Ideal foods for unblocking arteries

This condition can be treated and it is advisable that one lives a healthy living style so to avoid such complications. The cardiovascular system of the body is one important system that ought to be maintained for healthy living.

There are several foods that have been recommended to unclog your arteries.

This is a spice that is accessible from the supermarkets all over. It is an Indian spice and it is used in many homes by different individuals. Turmeric is one substance that is highly recommended for the unclogging of your arteries.

Studies have shown that turmeric contains polyphenol. Since there is a high percentage of fats that is deposited on the walls of arteries, this compound is ideal for getting rid of these fats and in the process help you unclog your arteries.

Garlic does not have a best taste but it certainly helps greatly in unclogging your arteries. It contains what is called allicin and it is this compound that can help you unclog your arteries. To a bigger percentage, it can prevent the formation of blood cloths. You should consume garlic daily to get the best results.

This one is considered as a good antioxidant. Although many people may not like cinnamon, it is useful in unclogging your arteries. It well reduces the high levels of cholesterol in the blood. You can consume this cinnamon daily, just a tablespoon for great health benefits.

This one is a fruit which is delicious. It makes nitric acid to be produced in the blood. Due to this, the pressure of the blood reduces considerably. Consume this fruit daily and t will unclog your arteries.

These are used daily for cooking. A substance called lycopene is highly present. It reduces the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Consume tomatoes daily and unclog your arteries the healthy way.


These fruits are very important in unclogging your arteries because they slow hardening of these arteries. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Pectin is found in apples and it unclogs the arteries very well.

Greens are very important in a healthy diet. They have potassium and fibers that are essential in the cardiovascular function of the body.

Consuming these leafy greens often is of great help in unclogging your arteries.

Chia seeds

They bring down the cholesterol levels in the blood and hence help in unclogging of the arteries. They are also delicious. An acid called alpha-linoleic contained by these seeds lowers these levels and unclogs arteries greatly.

All these foods are highly recommended for unclogging your arteries and healthy living.

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