Homemade Smoothie For Anemia Treatment

Anemia is the deficiency of red cells in the blood, which cause weariness and unhealthy pale appearance. There are some recipes which stop the anemia to grow further and one of the best drinks to keep a barrier for anemia is given below:


1. Half cup of the following things:
– Water
– Fresh spinach
– Any kind of grape
2. Two kiwis
3. A small size cucumberHomemade Smoothie For Anemia Treatment


In order to convert the ingredients into a smooth and fine liquid place them all in a blender and blend it thoroughly so that it becomes very smooth to drink. Always drink on an empty stomach while it is in a fresh condition.


The iron from the spinach is absorbed because of Vitamin C present in kiwi. It is very healthy and beneficial for the whole body as it is full of fiber and antioxidants. This drink will strengthen the immune system and will increase the iron level of blood thereby increasing the body’s energy. Orange can be used as a substitute if you are short of kiwi or you are allergic to it.

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