height and weight chart for women

Many people remain confused between ideal weight and the desired weight. If we talk about the ideal weight, then it is the weight that is in right proportion of your height and that is healthier as well. However, this is not the case with desired weight and many times this may not be healthy at all.

With this detail you can have information about the latest trend that encourages girls to lose a lot of weight from their body. Indeed, that excess weight loss may not be healthy for them. While obesity or overweight can cause various health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, various heart issues, etc., but that does not mean excessive weight loos is safe for people. With extra weight loss also you can have multiple health issues and that is why a balanced weight is the best thing that you can have.

If we talk about the ideal weight chart for women, you can find so many different chats or weight calculator that can promise to tell your ideal weight to you. But if we talk about the best chart, then this is the only chart that is recommended by many doctors. Actually, this weight chart for women was designed by many doctors and health specialists that know about body shape, size and weight.

Also, this chart is very much precise because it contains a number of information on the basis of several parameters or factors. For example, it work on various factors such as your height, body shape, you age, and other things so you can get a good idea for your ideal body weight. The best and most amazing thing about this chart is that it does not encourage any kind of body proportion that is not healthy for you. Instead of that, it gives you a clear idea about the right kind of body weight as per your age and height and that is what makes it very unique and accurate as well.

To check if you are close to ideal weight or not, you can checkout this weight chart for women and you can cross check it with your own characteristics.weight_chart_for_women

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