Green Tea – A Magical Beverage?

Dr. Oz, a popular and respected American physician, has created this outstanding drink. This beverage has been created to help you lose weight. Dr. Oz is an advocate of green tea, as he believes this type of tea can do wonders in the body of anyone out there. This doctor has been saying that green tea can purify your body giving you the vitality that you have been seeking for a long time. This weight loss drink does wonders in your body, and some people think that there is magic inside this beverage too.

Tons of Benefits

The combination of mint, orange, and green tea is powerful. This drink is said to activate your metabolism cleaning your body down the road. Do you want to shed excess pounds? This beverage can be the solution to this dilemma today. You can get tons of miracles if you take just a cup of green tea per day, as this beverage can accelerate your metabolism by the important 12%. In addition, this amazing drink will help your body regulate its blood sugar levels, reducing any risk of the heart attack including some forms of cancer. Moreover, your mood will be improved.


These are the ingredients that you must use to make this amazing drink:
– Fresh mint
– a handful of it
– One orange.
– Five green tea bags.
– One liter of water.Green Tea - A Magical Beverage

Now we are going to talk about the instructions. You just have to boil water, and then add just five bags of this green tea. Leave your tea to cool after allowing it to stand for five minutes. Cut the orange into wedges. Add orange slices as well as mint. Leave overnight after closing the jar. Drink this tea the next day. With your stomach empty, drink the drink in the morning. You should also take this drink before meals and when you are going to bed.

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