Graviola Can Cure Cancer

The Graviola herb originated from a small tree in Central & South America and is now being grown in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Caribbean and Colombia. The herb contains Annonaceous acetogenins which is an extremely potent group of compounds & the inhibition of their cell growth can be effective for drug-resistant cancer-cells as well as selective for the cancerous cells which have led the herb into becoming a sensation in natural medicines and are being used in the fight against cancer.Graviola Can Cure Cancer

According to experts and laboratory tests performed by a U.S pharmaceutical manufacturer, Graviola selectively kills malignant cells in 12 cancers including lungs, breast, colon and prostate as well as it being up to 10000 times stronger than chemotherapy as it works in several ways.

1. It destroys cancer cells and does not have any side effects

2. Protects the immune system and aids in avoidance of deadly infections

3. Restores vital energy and gives way to a positive outlook in life

4. Does not harm healthy cells and kills off cancer cells

The leaves and stems of the tree have been transformed into a herb that gives cancer patients an alternative treatment with beneficial elements that were found in a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute.

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