Get A Flat Belly With 3 Exercises

A slim and sexy stomach is something a lot of us strive for. Many people believe that a proper diet is all that is needed but that’s simply not true. Don’t get me wrong, what you put in your mouth plays a big role on your overall appearance because it’s the calories and gluten from the food you consume every day that affects your body. But the truth is that without exercise and a lot of determination getting a flat belly is quite hard.Get A Flat Belly With 3 Exercises

So, here I have 3 easy to do exercises that you can perform at home.

1.V-Ups: This exercise is great for those who want to lose belly fat and get abs at the same time. Why? Because while performing this exercise your whole core is engaged. Keep in mind that this exercise is thought to be one of the hardest and even professionals sometimes struggle with it, so don’t rush.How to execute: First of all, you’ve got to lie down on a soft surface because while doing this exercise your sit bones are involved and not lying on a soft surface might hurt you. Make sure that your back and shoulders are touching the floor as well. Secondly, you’ve got keep your legs together whiles raising and lowering them. Remember to squeeze your abdominal muscles as you slowly reach for your toes.

2. Lunge and twist: This exercise is a really good one for those who want to increase lower body strength and that’s because the targeted muscles are abs, glutes, and legs. How to execute: Whiles standing with your feet together lunge back with your left leg and reach your right leg with your left hand. After doing that you simply change feet and arm. I recommend doing 2-3 sets every other day or so.

3. Hip dip Plank: Last but certainly not least, we’ve got hip dip plank. This is a simple but tough exercise that engages your core and hips at the same time. It’s if you ask me one of the most effective exercises for people trying to get a flat stomach.How to execute: To perform this exercise you have to start in a plank position. Then what you do is, you tuck in your right knee to your chest whiles rotating your waist so that your lower body is almost facing around. Then you simply lower your body until your sitting on your hip and repeat the same thing on the opposite side.

In conclusion, getting a flat belly is a definate possibility but you’ve got to be dedicated unless it will take you a much longer time. I provided you with a few excerisise that will help you start your journey on getting the perfect stomach for you!

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