Here is How to Get Your Belly flat On a Smoothie Diet

Nobody likes a big belly. It is undesirable and many crave for that flat tummy that is comfortable and easy to maintain. However, it is easier said than done. No matter, a newly-found way to burn those extra fats and have the belly you desire is to check on what you eat. Taking that high road means abandoning fatty meals and going for something totally different altogether; meals in a glass. However, it doesn’t have to be a prescription as it sounds since it is quite possible to relish in the yummy taste derived from fresh and healthy inputs. Oh, and yes, they are exceedingly easy for the body to digest. The following meals need your consideration if you have a dire need for a flat belly.

Yogurt, chocolate and raspberry smoothie

You require:

-A cup of raspberries

– A packet of yogurt

– A quarter cup of chocolate (grated)

– Vanilla extract, a few drops of it, and,

– A handful of ice

You can also add a half-cup of soy milk/almond, though it is an optional step i.e. you can do with or without the milk.Here is How to Get Your Belly flat On a Smoothie Diet

Preparation method

The process isn’t at all complex. Pour your yogurt in a clean blender first, followed by the vanilla extract. Afterwards, continue to add the chocolate, your cup of raspberries and lastly, your handful of ice. After adding in that order, continue to blend/mix your inputs for one minute after which you can enjoy a glass full of thick wholesomeness.

Smoothie milkshake (smoothie against flatulence)

This particularly refreshing desert is ideal for those who have a tough and inflated belly caused by continuous intake of food and fluids over the course of the day.

You require:

– a cup of milk/yogurt

– ice, a handful of it

– 15 grams of pineapple (canned), and,

– Flax-seed oil (a tablespoon)

Preparation method

Take a clean blender and place your ingredients inside, after which you are free to blend/mix them together till you obtain a mixture (creamy). Finally, enjoy your yummy, healthy drink between your meals and get your belly flat in the long run.

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