Garlic – The Healing Food

Garlic is known worldwide as one of those amazing, natural remedies for a host of ailments. Believe me, this is one thing you should listen to your Gran about.

Garlic is a condiment we all know well when cooking up a storm in our kitchens but, it can also be part of our medicine chest. Garlic is very strong tasting and strong smelling.
It is known in the natural medicine world for its strong antibiotic qualities.

Hypertension is relieved by regular consumption of garlic. Circulation, bladder and liver function are all improved and if these are functioning then our body is like a well-oiled machine. Allot takes is a little garlic on your empty stomach before breakfast. No pills and potions, just garlic.Garlic - The Healing Food

Garlic is said to combat stomach problems and in doing so will aid in experiencing fewer stress symptoms. It helps to prevent production and release of acid from your stomach during times of stress. We have all experienced that awful “nervous stomach” feeling at some point and it just makes the whole situation seem that much worse.
Other stomach issues are also remedied by the use of garlic as correct digestion is stimulated. With the digestive system running well we will suffer less from constipation, diarrhea and illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome. More serious things like bowel cancer or colitis can also be prevented.

Another serious condition which is aided by garlic consumption is heart disease. Heart disease is a number one killer in this day and age and whatever we can do to keep a healthy heart, we should do. Garlic has had known effects of reducing cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.

If you suffer from regular colds then adding garlic to your diet will greatly reduce the frequency you suffer from colds. If you already have a cold, garlic can help to reduce the length of illness.

Garlic is packed full of antioxidant properties, some of which are believed to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Athletic performance is said to be enhanced by the use of garlic daily. It is one of the oldest known forms of performance enhancing stimulants but is completely legal. Garlic is said to reduce exercise-induced fatigue.

Many people work in environments where they are subjected to high levels of metal toxicity such as lead. If garlic is used in very high doses, the sulfur compound found in garlic can have the effect of lowering the metal toxicity levels in the blood. This, in turn, protects vital organs from damage. Studies have shown better results in toxicity level reduction than with most medications available.

Bone health is improved by consumption of garlic. the risk of osteoarthritis is reduced in garlic loving individuals.

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