Fruit Juices in Health and Prevention of Disease

The health benefits of fruit juices are many. The drink provides many health benefits for all ages. It is good in taste and simultaneously offers a way to boost your health. Since fruits are full of nutrients and vitamins, making a fruit juice by mixing different fruits makes it more beneficial than eating the fruits on there own. A great juicer like the Jack Lalanne juicer will help you achieve the best out of your fruit.

Mixing the fruits in the juice allows the benefits to work in synergy, thereby boosting the properties. Drinking fruit juices regularly can lower the risk of chronic diseases. As fruit juices can increase the body’s insulin sensitivity it can help make people get more leaner. The benefits of regularly drinking fruit juice can include the lowering of the rate of heart disease, diabetes and strokes. People who regularly drink fruit juice have lower wait circumferences and body mass indexes and the health benefits that come from this.Fruit Juices in Health and Prevention of Disease

Blueberry juice has been shown to have many health benefits due to its high nutritional content. Infections of the urinary tract can be lowered due to these benefits. It has been demonstrated to kill many different viruses and helps prevent diarrhoea. People who have had stokes or heart problems can also be helped.

Bone strength can be increased by the high levels of boron it has. Age related diseases and the effects of ageing may be reduced by the many polyphenols found in this juice. It can sharpen the memory and positively affects the learning ability. People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are often recommended this juice to help slow the progress of the disease.

Drinking a glass of orange juice has been shown to help people who experience problems with kidney stones. The lowering of blood cholesterol levels and overall regulation of the body’s metabolism can be a beneficial result. Orange juices are a source of Vitamin C which is a powerful agent in the fight against free radicals. Blood flow to the heart muscle can be enhanced and the body’s lipid, or fat levels may be lowered by pomegranate juice. It may also slow down the rate of growth of prostrate cancer in males.

Not all juicing machines are the same however. Some juicers are designed for particular jobs like juicing wheatgrass or juicing fruit. The Jack Lalanne juicer is great for juicing fruit.

Sugary drinks such as colas contain very little other than empty calories when compared to a fruit juice. Your body can be affected in a beneficial way from just drinking one glass per day. Obesity, which is affecting millions of kids and young people throughout the world could be controlled if people start having natural fruit juices in place of junk foods and colas. Having a healthy diet should be our priority which can be enhanced by regularly drinking fruit juices.

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