foods that make us even hungrier

The feeling you get when you eat something is phenomenal and can’t be explained in words, but the satisfaction that you need isn’t provided by some kind of food. Satisfying hunger is the job of food, but this is not the case with some kind of food and they act contrary. Here is the list of them:

Hot Dog:foods that make us even hungrier

The hot dog is a kind of meal which one can be eaten with enthusiasm. Keeping aside the satisfaction of hunger, one should get to know that it has a negative effect on the digestive system. The hot dog is flushed with artificial ingredients to not to make it rancid. It is flushed with sodium, preservatives, nitrates. When it is consumed, all these artificial ingredients make the body feel the hunger. These ingredients make the body to feel hungry and in no time we require more.


Noodles are very much in demand and are sweet and concentrated, but when it comes to health, it is less likely to be healthy. These contain carbohydrates, which are responsible in the increase of the level of glucose in blood. So, by increasing these levels, one feels hungry and wants to consume more.

Flavored Yoghurt:

Yoghurt, which is rich in calcium, helps the bone to be strong. Eating yoghurt gives calcium, but if it is consumed with fruits like pear, strawberry or any other fruit, it increases the sugar level than required. So this sugar will affect the health and gives more minerals than the limit. To get benefit form yoghurt, it is recommended to have plain yoghurt with nuts or fruits to get fat and fiber which helps the health to improve.

French Fries:

The delicious french fries can be resisted by a few people. Many tasty dishes can be made out of it, but chips along with ketchup is what many of us like to eat. The drawback of french fries is that it cannot saturate you as it is filled with starch.
These foods make us feel more hungry.

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