The Finest Recipe – SANGRIA

Sangria is a type of drink, which originates from Spain and is the favorite drink for many. This is mostly recommended in summer to get rid of the heat and to get refreshed. Among the sangria recipes below is one of the recipes that you want to try:


– Small Bottle of Rum
– Mineral Water of 1 litre
– Orange juice of 1 litre
– Vodka and pear schnapps (1-2 bottles)
– Sugar(300-500 grams)
– Red Wine of 2 litres
– Fruits as per the season – Orange, Apple, Pears, Grapes and Peaches.

Preparation:The Finest Recipe - SANGRIA

Mix pear, rum, vodka, fruit and sugar in a large pot and let it mix for some time. Now, after all the ingredients are diluted, then add water and orange juice. Stir the entire solution and then store it in a place where it is cool. For every half an hour, it should be stirred. Enjoy drinking it by taking it in a glass and with a spoon of the fruit.

Tips for Sangria:

– Little lemon and few Ice cubes in Sangria can make it tastier.
– White rum can be used instead of plain rum.
– Depending upon the preference of the person, fruits can be added in it.

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