Effectively Working Homemade Remedies

Whether you have rashes, a stomach pain, you are feeling cold, or you have cut yourself, you can find the below simple medical aid in your kitchen. Some household remedies have ended up being viable from generation to generation. Beneath is a list of homemade remedies that you will find them working effectively.


Apply it for burns, minor cuts, sore throat and coughs.

How it works

Some of us apply honey to treat sore throat yet for a considerable length of time it has been used to treat wounds. Research have demonstrated that honey helps in calming the cuts, and the late Dutch study demonstrated that protein defensin-1 have antibacterial properties.

Apply warmed Horney on the spot where you have burn or cut yourself, and after that cover the harmed place with a bandage. You must change it once a day. Be that as it may, if your injury causes swelling, pain or fever, vist a specialist since you may require an antibiotic.Effectively Working Homemade Remedies


Salt is applied to sinuses or a sore throat.

How it works

When you take a highly concentrated salt water it causes dehydration to tissues.

Just dissolve one spoon of salt into a glass of water and apply it apply it on your throat.

For sinuses sip the distilled or boiled and cooled to a room temperature water.


Mint tea is used for digestion problem or any stomach problem.

How it works

The mint tea leaf oil and its stalk can relieve digestion, enhance the flow of gases and expel any obstacles in the alimentary canal. If the stomach pain is a result of reflux you ought not to apply this homemade remedies.


Oat flakes is applied for burns, rashes and eczema.

How it works

Oats flakes contain anti-inflammatory phytochemicals which relieves inflammation of the skin and its itching. Most specialist suggests using inflammatory colloidal oat flakes, but I think for you any kind will be applicable.

Just place a grinded sample of oat flakes into a glass of warm water and soak them for 15 minutes but for colloidal oatmeal, no need to grind it

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