Easy remedy to remove uric acid crystallization

Uric acid crystallization can cause kidney failure, joint pains, gout and arthritis. It is also has the ability to trigger the above and make them even worse. Many people are normally affected by this condition, without knowing there are remedies available to help them.

A part from cucumber being good with reducing once’s body temperatures; you can use its juice to remove uric acid in the joints and gout. It might not be tasty, but you are sure that all toxins will be cleaned.Easy remedy to remove uric acid crystallization


-Two ribs of celery and a slice of lemon

– One medium size cucumber and one inch younger ginger root


– You have to clean the ingredients well and then you cut the cucumber in small pieces. You can cut them depending on your juicer capacity.

– Prepare celery ribs well and check for dirty accumulation. Cut the lemon in halves and use one.

– Finally curve out the ginger root.

It will take you ten minutes to have your juice. You can drink it until you see its effects on you.

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