Easy Fruit Cocktail Recipe To Clean Body Toxin

Each and every day, we consume many foods and drinks that smell and taste delicious. However, your kidneys might protest against your preference and choice of food habit. One bewildering fact about kidneys is that they filter approximately 200 liters of blood every day.

Through the filtering process, kidneys remove body toxins and other harmful elements from the blood. It expels around 2 liters of waste materials on a daily basis. With excessive amount of accumulated toxins in your body, you might get susceptible to various diseases.

The bitter truth is that we inject most of the toxins inside our body through consumption of the apparently delicious food and drinks. Studies and researches suggest that the following food and beverages are associated with increased toxin count within human body:Easy Fruit Cocktail Recipe To Clean Body Toxin


Artificial sweetener



Milk products

Carbonated drinks

Genetically modified food

Fruit Cocktail Recipe To Clean Body Toxin


1 kiwi

25g nuts

1 banana

lemon juice

Half bundle parsley


Mix all the ingredients in a glass.

Add some broken pieces of ices in the glass and shake the glass.

Insert straw and enjoy the heavenly and healthy fruit cocktail right at your home.

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