disease diagnosis using the tongue

It is obvious that majority of people don’t understand that the signs of having an ailment are demonstrated in various ways. Among this ways is through the mouth, more so the tongue. The tongue is an indicator of having a disease. It is very vital for doctors during diagnosis, since symptoms of poor intestine performance, hepatitis C, headaches, fever or cold can be identified using the tongue. A healthy tongue ought to be clean, pink and surrounded by tiny bumps which enable you to identify tastes.disease diagnosis using the tongue

How to diagnose disease using the tongue.

Sturdy and sleek tongue– This is an indication that you lack vitamin B12.

Ridges on the tongue– This is an indication that you might have syphilis i.e. sexually transmitted infection.

Black, red or white tongue– This is a sign that something is not right inside your body.

Swollen tongue– Having a swollen tongue normally shows that an individual has particular types of allergies. In addition, a dark tongue could be an indication of AIDS or too much use of antibiotics.

Additionally, sudden bleeding, sores or bumps noticeable on the tongue are among the most severe occurrences which can be observed on an individual’s tongue. This is usually a sign of tongue cancer.

How technology has made it possible for physicians to identify tongue ailments.

There is useful software which was innovated by Indian physicians that functions by use of a digital image. The image is accessible using the above mentioned software. The software enable doctors to detect changes in bloating, color or texture of your tongue. Until lately, this software has the ability to identify 14 varying conditions. Plus, the medical practitioners hope to come up with another program similar to the one mentioned above very soon, with the ability to get similar information from a person’s eyes.

To add to this, inventors established that a long, but thick tongue can result to snoring.

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