How diabetics can conquer their blood sugar problems

A diabetic can experience life-threatening symptoms because their blood sugar becomes too low or too high. With that being said the key to controlling diabetes is controlling the fluctuation of blood sugar. You may have diabetes or be thinking of a person you know that has diabetes and asking yourself “what can be done to prevent the dangers associated with these fluctuations in blood sugar?”How diabetics can conquer their blood sugar problems


A diabetic needs protein, fat, and carbs in their diet in order to ensure that they do not suffer any irregularities in their blood sugar. The best foods for helping a diabetics blood sugar are cauliflower, lettuce leaf, cabbage, spinach, onions, green onions, beet root, turnip, cucumber, carrot, lemon, white radish, bell peppers, green chilies, tomatoes, and red radish. On the other hand there are foods that are high in proteins and fats that help diabetics balance their blood sugar. Foods such as, peanut butter, fish, red meat, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, and 2% milk are all good sources of fats and proteins. Lastly the good sources of carbs come from brown rice, sweet potatoes, popcorn, dried fruits, beans, and whole wheat/organic pastas. A diabetic needs to make sure all their meals consist of an equal amount of carbs with either fats or proteins. For example if a diabetic made 2 cups of rice and ate that by itself they would be getting 90% of that meals calories from carbs, which would spike the blood sugar to unsafe levels. If the diabetic had the rice with a piece of meat and a glass of 2% milk they would be getting a balance, which would not spike their blood sugar.

The most detrimental part of diet manipulation revolves around eating sugars/carbs. Too many sugars/carbs in one setting causes the blood sugar to skyrocket, which can make the diabetic sick to their stomach, faint, puke, or experience blurred vision. In order to prevent this, large amounts of sodas, sweets, sports drinks, and foods containing a high amount of carbs/sugars need to be avoided. This doesn’t mean that a diabetic can never have any other those foods. It simply means they should not indulge in those constantly or copiously. For example if a diabetic wants to eat some chocolate cake they need to not eat 2 or 3 pieces in one setting. They should eat the pieces throughout the day. The same principle applies for any food or drink that is high in carbs/sugars.

The biggest thing to AVOID: The thing that causes the most problems to diabetics is waiting too long to eat. When a person that is diabetic waits too long to eat their blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels. These low levels cause one to become lightheaded, faint, or even go into a diabetic coma. The cure for this is to simply be aware of this and either schedule meals throughout the day or carry some type of substantive food in a pocket or lunchbox.

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