Coconut Oil for Energy recovery and Fitness

Coconut oil has a wide variety of nutrients and benefits in the body. Interestingly, it is has lots of fats, broken down to produce energy in the body and at the same time it helps burn fat. This Oil has high levels of saturated fats that raise thermogenesis increasing the rate of fat burning in the body.

These are therefore healthy fats as other saturated fats do not promote this process.
Coconut oil can be ingested as virgin coconut oil or as in other food supplements that contain cocoa extract. In whatever form it is ingested, the nutrients and saturated fats are still available and act same as in all ways.

You can incorporate coconut oil in your fitness program in the following 7 steps:Coconut Oil for Energy recovery and Fitness
1. Take a spoonful or two spoons of coconut oil in the morning as substitute for butter, bread and grease. It can be slightly heated to melt so that it becomes an easy spread on the bread. You can also opt to alter the taste by sprinkling small amounts of cinnamon or stevia. This ensures you begin the day with enough energy.

2. Add a spoonful of the oil in the water you drink during exercise and stir completely. Jeff Anderson, The author of “The secret of domestic food supplements” encourages people who work out to drink this mixture 30 minutes before exercising. You automatically feel the energy that you need.

3. Add one or two teaspoon of the oil in the food you take after exercise. You will consume all nutrients in the oil and more importantly the saturated fats will help burn fats and improve balance of hormones to generate muscles. This is according to Optimum anabolic.

4. If the taste or smell disturbs you, there is an option of the coconut oil capsules. Take 1 to 3 grams of these in every meal, they work the same as the oil to boost energy level.

5. Stir a teaspoon or two of the coconut oil in a smoothie that you can consume at any time of the day. It is said that a combination of whey and the oil in any protein shake works best to increase energy and burn excess fat.

6. Use coconut oil in the preparation of chicken, steak, fish and other meat meals. The saturated fats lose their nutritional value or chemical composition and neither are they converted into Trans (fatty acids) are they are resistant to heat. Consumption of meals fried in coconut oil will increase your daily energy.

7. While many of us do love desserts, it is actually advisable to choose coconut oil over desserts. Excess insulin produced is deposited in the body as fat, research shows that good fats, such as those in coconuts reduce rapid growth of insulin in the blood. Coconut oil is therefore healthier than desserts.

These simple steps will keep you healthy, energised and burn fat making you slim, the natural way! The coconut oil has been proved over the years and it is evident that you should not miss it in your energy regaining program.

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