Clear Your Sinuses in Just 20 Second with Your Tongue and Your Thumb only!

Sinuses infection are no fun, and at times, one can find him or herself in between the decision of using expensive conventional pills or letting the infection go by itself ,which it can, and stay with the uncomfortable feeling. But did you know you can actually use a natural drug-free remedy that won’t take you more than 20 seconds?Clear Your Sinuses in Just 20 Second with Your Tongue and Your Thumb only

Sinuses are basically the inflammation of sinus cavity caused by irritant and bacteria. As soon as the cavity gets inflamed by these irritants your nasal passage will swell and eventually get blocked. So if you place your tongue on top of your mouth, place the finger in between your eyebrows and then apply pressure (use your thumb) for at least 20 seconds, the nasal passage should begin to unblock hence your sinuses infection beginning to drain.

An assistant professor at Michigan state university college explains that this simple technique works because the vomer bone runs vertically within the nasal cavity. So the technique allows the vomer bone to move freely back and forth alleviating the congestion.

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